Archived Essays on Gender & Sexual Activism

Disclaimer: These articles are historical documents. They were written in 2000-2004. The terminology and vocabulary used dates from that era, and was acceptable at that time. The descriptions of people and their interesting customs are descriptions of the east coast transgender communities that I hung out in at that time. If it doesn’t look like what you know today, that’s because it isn’t. I refuse to rewrite these documents because someday it will be important to have them available for historical reasons. In addition, I do not claim to be an academic or scholar, and I do not claim to speak for anyone except myself and all the transfolks who have given me permission to speak for them, which is quite a few. Have a nice day.

General Activism

Transgender Issues

Gender-Related Books

Double Edge:
The Intersections of
Transgender and BDSM

by Raven Kaldera
The Transgender
Spirituality Workbook

by Raven Kaldera
Best Transgender Erotica

edited by Raven Kaldera
& Hanne Blank
Pagan Polyamory Cover
Pagan Polyamory:
Becoming a
Tribe of Hearts

by Raven Kaldera

In Anthologies & Magazines

Voices from Beyond the Sexual Binary

"Do It On The Dotted Line"
Editors: Joan Nestle, Riki Wilchins, Clare Howell
Alyson Publications, 2002
(also in Fireweed Magazine Issue 69, Summer 2000)
Blessed Bi Spirit:
Bisexual People of Faith

"Aphrodite Urania:
Building Bridges, Crossing Boundaries"
Editor: Deborah Kolodny
Continuum Publishing, 2000
Looking Queer:
Body Image and Identity in Lesbian,
Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender Communities

"Agdistis' Children:
Being Bi-Gendered in a Single-Gendered World"
Editor: Dawn Atkins
Haworth Press, 1998